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Marsh and Wetland Restoration

The Governor Who Pledged to Save the Port of Corpus Christi Texas

Corpus Christi

Texas Governor Greg Abbott pledged millions of dollars to Corpus Christi flood victims that were displaced by Hurricane Harvey. He’s is prepared to invest millions of dollars in dredging projects that are designed to prevent future floods from happening.  Dredging

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Restoration Grants for Projects in Vermont

The Department of Environmental Conservation’s Clean Water Initiative Program yesterday announced over $1.6 million in Ecosystem Restoration Grants for projects to improve water quality across Vermont. DEC is awarding more than fifty clean water improvement projects, targeting Vermont’s impaired and

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Poplar Island Growing Bigger Every Day

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District, is leading an interagency project to help restore the ecosystem at Poplar Island in the Chesapeake Bay. The Paul S. Sarbanes Ecosystem Restoration Project at Poplar Island is a $1.4-billion sustainability project

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Thin-Layer Placement of Dredged Material

Thin Layer Placement broadly encompasses the purposeful placement of sediment or dredged material in a manner that produces a specific disposal layer thickness or ground surface elevation necessary to achieving the overall project objectives. In thin layer placement projects, disposal

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Blackwater’s Future May Not Be So Dark After Marsh Is Restored

Even a rudimentary search on Twitter for trending stories about Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Dorchester County conveys the striking duality of the place. On one hand, there are majestic pictures of bright white migratory snow geese taking flight over the wetland,

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Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge: Marsh Restoration

SUMMARY Dredge America was selected as the most qualified contractor to perform marsh restoration services for the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge (NWR). The project, located in Cambridge, Maryland capitalizes on the experience and expertise Dredge America gained from the Prime Hook

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Sea level is rising. Delmarva refuge’s solution? Build taller marshes.

There’s an old country song whose chorus goes, “Give me 40 acres, and I’ll turn this rig around.” It’s unclear whether that Red Simpson ditty is popular inside the headquarters at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. But trade the word “rig” for

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USACE Clears Final Hurdle for Owasco Flats Wetlands Restoration

New York Senator Charles E. Schumer yesterday announced the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has approved federal wetland permits, enabling local officials to begin the critical Owasco Flats Wetlands Restoration project. Schumer said that with final approval secured, work can

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DNREC Produces Wetlands Report Card on Leipsic River Watershed

DOVER – DNREC’s Wetland Monitoring and Assessment Program announced that its final report on the health of wetlands located in Kent County’s Leipsic River Watershed and Little Creek area – the eighth in a series of watershed-specific wetland health reports –

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Prime Hook beach restoration among top projects in U.S.

Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge beach has been named one of the five best restored beaches in the nation for 2017 by the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association. A year-long, $38 million project to restore the beach shoreline –

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