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Tilghman Island Dredging Restoration Project

tilghman island blocked water channels

Restoring the Tilghman Island Waterways On top of blue waters in Knapps Narrows near Tilghman Island, noisy yellow and red machines were busy dredging.  However further down at the Tilghman Island Marina, it was anything but, save for business owner,

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What Makes The Whiskey Island Coastline So Amazing

Whiskey Island

Coastal Engineering Consultants, of Naples, FL just released some amazing aerial photos of the Whiskey Island Restoration Project. Whiskey Island is located near the South Central Louisiana coastline.  Coastal Engineering  specializes in coastal engineering, planning, survey and mapping, and coastal

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Eau Gallie River dredging gets underway

Dredging has begun in the befouled Eau Gallie River to remove a half-century of muck, a carpet of black gunk known to strand even canoes. “You can go, but your outboard motor will just turn thick sludge,” said Matt Culver,

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