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Dignitaries celebrate Eau Gallie River dredging

MELBOURNE — A dark gray muck slurry gurgled out of a black pipe as Amy Herrell and a few dozen others gathered near Sarno landfill to cheer a dredge’s first spoils pumped up from a half-century of muck buildup in

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Eau Gallie River dredging gets underway

Dredging has begun in the befouled Eau Gallie River to remove a half-century of muck, a carpet of black gunk known to strand even canoes. “You can go, but your outboard motor will just turn thick sludge,” said Matt Culver,

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Cooper River Dredging Clears Way for Regattas

One of the Camden County’s largest economic engines is currently finalizing an underwater makeover that will attract some of the largest national rowing events in the country, according to the county’s latest announcement. With the return of competition in 2017,

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Funds Secured for Coastal Wetlands

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has just reported that it will award over $17 million to 20 projects in 10 coastal states to protect, restore or enhance more than 13,000 acres of coastal wetlands. The funds will be awarded

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At Blackwater Refuge, Rising Sea Levels Drown Habitat

The view from the observation deck over a meadow of brown marsh grasses would make a nice postcard. Eagles roost on tall pines, muskrats burrow in mounds of mud and straw, and black ducks splash in a pond. But on

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Barnstable County Plans To Expand Dredging Capabilities

Barnstable County has placed an order for a second dredge to be used in keeping local harbor channels open for boaters. But the county is also beginning to discuss extending dredging activities into freshwater, including rivers and streams leading to

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U.S. Senate Bill Authorizes $2 Billion for Everglades

WASHINGTON — Efforts to reduce Lake Okeechobee water discharges befouling Florida’s coasts took a key step forward Thursday with Senate passage of a bill that would authorize nearly $2 billion for Everglades restoration. Now it’s up to the House. By a

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Gunners Lake Dredging Project Completed

The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced today its completion of the dredging of Gunners Lake, a 20-acre man-made lake located in Germantown, using an Ellicott 8″ Swinging Ladder dredge. At the completion of the six-month long dredge

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Eau Gallie River Cleanup Plan on Right Track

The first step necessary to clean up the Eau Gallie River, an Indian River Lagoon tributary, began last week as crews started constructing a facility to store the muck that will be dredged later this year from the river’s bottom.Read more

Newt Marine Services Creating Wildlife Islands in Upper Mississippi River

On May 2, Island M2 was taking shape. The completed island will be 2,730 feet long and approximately 140 feet wide, with a top width of 50 feet. It will take over 89,000 cubic yards of sand to build theRead more
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