Mud Cat MFD – 1000

Mud Cat MFDMud Cat MFD

The Mud Cat™ MFD-1000 is the industry’s most robust multifunction dredge.  MFD-1000 is built on a single piece hull with 7 watertight reinforced compartments which complies with ABS River Standard Rules.

One view of the construction grade excavator arm on this unit and it becomes readily apparent that this amphibious dredge was designed and engineered to perform at a much higher level than its competitors.

The MFD-1000 is a one truck transportable system.  Its design allows for self unloading, deployment, and recovery.  Utilizing a 275 HP diesel engine, the machine becomes a self propelled solution for all dredging applications.

This amphibious dredge comes with a Cutter Suction Pump capable of sediment removal at a rate of 2200 GPM against 100 feet of total dynamic head producing up to 124 cubic yards per hour at 20% solids content.

In addition, the unit can also be configured for use with a 1 Cubic Yard Excavator Bucket, Bucket Thumb, Clamshell Bucket, Post Driver, Pole Setter and a 60 Inch Seven Tine Weed Rake.

The climate controlled operators cab is ergonomically designed utilizing the latest technology for comfort and safety.  The dredge is operated via joy stick control for unparalleled efficiency and effective operation.

When considering an amphibious dredge, the Mud Cat™ MFD-1000 is the industry’s best solution.

Contact your local LWT Representative to inquire about our Mud Cat™ MFD-1000 and other dredge related solution offerings.  LWT also provides dredge rental for short term projects.