Mud Cat Traxx

Mud Cat Traxx Dredge

The Mud Cat™ Traxx is a one truck transportable self propelled tracked amphibious dredge.  The unit is capable of self loading and unloading, thereby making it the only choice for difficult to reach dredging sites that would otherwise require a crane to deploy the dredging equipment.

A 115 HP diesel engine powers this dredge utilizing a track system which also produces propulsion while in the water.  A cutter suction pump provides the hydraulic dredging means to perform sediment removal at a rate of 1000 GPM against 60 feet of total dynamic head for a production output up to 37 cubic yards per hour at 15% solids.

When a site is difficult to reach and requires a self propelled solution, the Mud Cat™ Traxx is the answer.

Contact your local LWT Representative to inquire about our Amphibious Dredges and other dredge related solution offerings.  LWT also provides dredge rental for short term projects.