How Federal Funds Will Be Used to Restore Coastal Community Projects in Texas

Texas CMP  tol Use $1.74 Million to Fund and Restore 21 Coastal Community Projects

Land Commissioner, George P. Bush, announced the selection of 21 projects to be funded through the Texas Coastal Management Program (CMP) Cycle 23. In addition, the Texas CMP plans to award a total of approximately $1.74 million in federal funds. The funds will be used  to improve the management of the state’s coastal resources and long-term ecological and economic productivity.

Consequently, the Texas CMP focuses on five primary issues of concern to coastal communities: coastal hazards, wetland protection, water quantity and quality, dune protection, and shoreline access. In fact, according to George P. Bush“Coastal resiliency is vital to Texas’ economic vitality and the quality of life for those who visit and call it home,

In particular, Bush showed his appreciation for those who have worked together to make this process a reality. “I am proud of the work the Texas General Land Office does in partnership with federal and local leaders to strengthen our state’s coastline and preserve natural storm mitigation resources. These 21 projects will have a profoundly positive impact on our coastal communities.”

Funding is provided through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Coincidentally, these projects are scheduled to begin later this year.