Ellicott® Sells Dredger to Daewoo of Korea

Ellicott® International was awarded a contract by Daewoo Shipbuilding and Heavy Machinery Ltd. of Korea for a state-of-the-art diesel-electric cutter suction dredger.

The Ellicott® Series 16,000 “SUPER-DRAGON®” will be built at Daewoo’s Okpo yard. Daewoo Corporation will be the owner and operator. Delivery of the dredger was scheduled for about one year from the contract being signed.

The dredger will have two 33 in. hull pumps each powered by CAT 3612 diesel engines rated at 5,030 HP. The 34 in. ladder pump, swing winches, and cutter module will be DC electric-powered with SCR controls. Ellicott® has pioneered the use of DC electrics for reliable and efficient dredging service. The cutter will be rated at 1,200 HP with 25 percent overload capacity.

Ellicott® will provide the complete engineering design and key dredging machinery and components. Design production is 2,700m3/hr of sand.
Daewoo will use the dredger initially for land reclamation projects near Inchon, Korea.

Ellicott® has been active in Korea for 45 years and has supplied seven dredgers there with over 50,000-combined HP. The company’s other customers in Korea include Hyundai and Hanjin.

Reprinted from The Dock & Harbour Authority

Principal particulars of the Ellicott® Series 16,000:

Length overall 91.00 m
Length of hull 73.00 m
Width 16.00 m
Depth 5.00 m
Dredging depth, max. 25.00 m
Pipe size on board 914 mm x 914 mm
Cutter drive power 1,200 hp plus 25 percent overload
Ladder pump 2,000 HP
Hull pumps 2 X 5,030 HP
Total installed power 16,532 HP
Spud carriage stroke 6.00 m
Classification ABS Offshore Barge