Report from the Barnstable County Dredge

Report from the Barnstable County Dredge

Barnstable County Dredge aka The Codfish

Superior Court House PO Box 427 Barnstable, MA 02630 Telephone: 508-375-6634


Wayne Jaedtke, Superintendent Telephone: 508-375-6634

Daniel Kot, Deckhand

In 1993 Barnstable County conducted a needs assessment and cost benefit analysis of operating a municipal dredge program on behalf of the towns. This report documented that a County operated maintenance- dredging program would be both beneficial to the towns and cost effective to operate.

The County and its legislative delegation approached the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Man- agement (DEM) and requested financial assistance in the form of a $1 million capital grant for the purchase of a dredge and ancillary equipment. Prior to this grant, the state was responsible for funding 75% of the cost of municipal dredge projects and the town was responsible for the remaining 25%. However, funding constraints at the state level meant that much of the dredge work was not completed on a timely basis or was never accom- plished. As stipulated in the grant Agreement, the provision of a capital grant replaces the state funding for municipal dredge projects here on the Cape.

The Barnstable County Dredge Advisory Committee was established in October of 1994. The Committee has representation from all of the Cape towns, except Brewster, which has no navigable harbors, DEM and County staff. The Advisory Committee is responsible for developing the dredge schedule and recommending the dredge rate each Fiscal Year.


Stephen Bradbury, Engineer

Christopher E. Armstrong, Leverman

The “Codfish”


To date the County has dredged 966,309 cubic yards of material from 123 waterways in 14 Cape and Island towns. Barnstable County dredged these waterways at a rate approximately 65% below the market rate. The cost per cubic yard to dredge this mate- rial was $7.00 per cubic yard. The aver- age market rate for dredge services is over $16.00 per cubic yard.

If there were no Barnstable County dredge program, it would have cost the state at least $1,100,772 to complete the dredge projects that the County has completed on behalf
of the towns on the Cape and Islands in FY 2009. This amount is based on the state paying 75% of the cost of town dredge proj- ects at $16.00 per cubic yard.

Barnstable County Annual Report – FY 2009

The following projects were completed this Fiscal Year totaling 91,731 cubic yards of material:

Barnstable – Barnstable Harbor
Dennis – Sesuit Harbor
Harwich– Allen Harbor
Mashpee – Popponesset Bay
Truro – Pamet Harbor
Yarmouth – Englewood and Henderson Cove
Falmouth – Green, Great and Bourne Ponds, Eel River, Monaught Beach Tisbury – Tasmoo

In addition to a reduced rate for dredging services, the County conducts before and after dredge surveys at a savings of approximately $6,000 per project to the towns. These surveys are invaluable records in the event of a major hurricane for submission to the Federal Emergency Management Agency as documentation of storm damage.


The operating budget for FY 2009 was $628,671. As of July 1, 2009, the dredge enterprise account has a reserve fund balance of $370,000. The purpose of the reserve fund balance is to establish a fund to replace the dredge.

Barnstable County Annual Report – FY 2009