The Governor Who Pledged to Save the Port of Corpus Christi Texas

Texas Governor Greg Abbott pledged millions of dollars to Corpus Christi flood victims that were displaced by Hurricane Harvey. He’s is prepared to invest millions of dollars in dredging projects that are designed to prevent future floods from happening.  Dredging crews have already started restoring the Texas coastline along the Gulf Coast between Corpus Christi and Kingwood Texas.

How Flooding Waters Impacted the Port of Corpus Christi

The floods occurred as a result of the storms strong winds, heavy rain, and depleted sand levels in some of the nearby rivers and ports. In fact, the river beds caused waters levels in nearby rivers and estuaries to rise. In addition, river mouths and coastal inlets started to widen causing rivers and streams in the nearby Gulf Coast region to flood and increased sediment to occur.
Abbott has budgeted $3 Million to “jump start” engineering and permitting required to dredge surrounding areas near the Port.  In its current state, the Port  of Corpus Christi it’s almost incapable of reducing the capacity to hold floodwaters and additional sediment would that could potentially be dumped into the port during a hurricane.

A Concerned Governor

Abbott, recently urged U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Lt. General Todd T. Sermonette, to rapidly increase financing reserved for dredging restoration projects throughout the state of Texas. The Texas Governor firmly believes that the Port of Corpus Christi restoration project is crucial to preserving and growing trade markets that are critical to our nation’s economy.

Abbot is adamant that both our nation’s economy and national security are potentially at risk. There are potential risks involved if  the Port of Corpus isn’t adequately maintained. That’s because ships are then prevented from transporting materials that promote national and energy security.

Abbott stated, “Ships leaving energy dominant ports must short fill their vessels at the refineries and facilities. The vessels wil then move offshore to get to capacity because the bulk carriers are unable to pass through Texas channels without dragging. Investing in our waterways will help the United States to lead the way in energy dominance and strengthen our national and economic security.”

Commitment From Port Officials

The Port of Corpus Christi informed residents that they are dedicated to finishing their Channel Improvement Project (CIP) by 2021.  Representatives will do what they can to secure the necessary funding they need to dredge and maintain the port.

The CIP will expand and increase the port’s ship channels driving further investment into the region. In fact this almost guarantees that the U.S. energy commodities will reach the market.