Turkey Creek Muck Removal Project

New Phosphorus and TKN removal process shows incredible results on the Turkey Creek Muck Removal Project in Palm Bay, Florida (FL) located on the Indian River Lagoon which suffers from high levels of harmful nutrients. The project is part of the larger Indian River Lagoon cleanup effort in Brevard County; this project involves dredging over 235,000 yd3.turkey-creek

The dredged material is being pumped to a Dredged Material Management Area (DMMA), which is owned by the Florida Inland Navigational District (FIND), located approximately 2 miles to the North of the dredge area.

As work progresses on the project; Gator Dredging, the prime contractor for Brevard County, has teamed with Gator Aquatic Technologies of Mulberry, FL to implement an innovative Phosphorus and Nitrogen removal system.

Gator Aquatic Technologies is using a patent pending process that integrates a series of NSF certified, aquatically safe chemicals to remove total Phosphorus and total Nitrogen from the dredged slurry to levels not consistently attained by other technologies. The innovative process combines liquid solids separation with soluble nutrient removal in a single phase; where­by the free, soluble, harmful nutrients are captured and bound with the sediments.


The chemicals are dosed directly into the incoming dredge line as the dredge slurry is monitored continuously, and adjustments are made automatically by the injection system utilizing their H20ptimizer® systems. The treated water is then reintroduced to Indian River Lagoon adjacent to the DMMA. Through this integration method, they are utilizing the energy already put into the transport of slurry at 6000 gpm without the need to add additional energy cost and infrastructure.

This technology is preventing thousands of pounds of Phosphorus and Nitrogen from reentering the ecosystem. Removal of the Phosphorus and Nitrogen will reduce the growth of algae that is largely responsible for the most recent fish-kill in the Indian River Lagoon.

Gator Aquatic Technologies has successfully separated the muck and soluble nutrients; returning clarified water with total Phosphorus levels non-detectable (< 20 µm/L) and reductions in total Nitrogen of > 92%.

This represents more than 41,000 lbs of phosphorus and 116,000 lbs of Nitrogen that have been removed from the lagoon during the Gator Aquatic Technology treatment phase of the Turkey Creek Muck Removal Project.


Source: World Dredging